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June 8, 2017 - The Town of Wappinger has partnered with BidNet as part of the Empire State Purchasing Group and will post their bid opportunities to this site.  As a vendor, you can register with ESPG to be sure that you see all available bids and opportunities. By selecting automatic bid notification, your company will receive emails when the Town of Wappinger has a bid opportunity that matches your company's business. In addition, the site handles bid opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs for other member governmental agencies throughout New York.

Town of Wappinger looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved.  We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation.  If you need help registering, please call the Empire State Purchasing Group support department toll free 1-800-835-4603 option 2.

May 25, 2017 - The Annual Water Quality Reports page has been updated.

News and Updates from Supervisor Lori Jiava


For those of you who were unable to attend the May 15th State of the Town address, I have included the link here for you:







JUNE 24th - Dutchess County will be hosting a Hazardous Waste Disposal & Electronics Recycling Event from 8:00am - 1:30pm 

registration opens on May 22nd, 2017 - at 486-3604 or at


****appeared in the June 7th's edition of the Southern Dutchess News ****

This past weekend has left many of us in dismay as we witnessed our community suffer a tragic loss in the Village of Wappingers. Just after finishing the 2nd annual Drug Walk and enjoying the Festival at the Falls, a fire that was first noticed in the back of the Rice and Beans eatery, soon engulfed the entire back side of the historic building. The fire’s momentum fueled by strong winds, rapidly became a 4 alarm fire. This structure fire did significant damage to three connected buildings, displacing 12 families and 6 businesses. This is a travesty to say the least, as many of us witnessed a part of our hometown being ravaged by orange flames and thick black smoke billowing from the roof tops. Firefighters from seven departments responded to the alarms and worked tirelessly to contain the fire. The work of all of our first responders did not go unnoticed as we witnessed all agencies come together in an effort to save our beautiful historic village. Volunteers orchestrated a drop off location for donations for the families at the American Legion. By Sunday, there had been so many donations that there was not enough room for more. The Wappingers Falls Business and Professionals Association has started a GoFundMe account to help the families. If you want to help, please go to this link:   As I have said before and I will say again, there are no boundaries in our community and our Town Board stands alongside Mayor Alexander for whatever he needs., when one of us suffers, we all feel the pain. The Town Board will continue to keep the families and businesses in their thoughts and prayers. 
Earlier on Saturday morning, the Town Board hosted its 2nd annual 'Walk drugs out of our community.' Despite the reason we all came together, the event was wonderful and overwhelming. Nearly 200 people came together to walk for a cause that is changing the face of our society. We are battling an epidemic that has spiraled out of control. The statistics have shown us that every 19 minutes someone is overdosing., and that is only based on what is reported. What about the people who are administering Narcan and not calling for help? Deaths by overdose had risen 30% as of 2015, can you imagine what 2016 and 2017 rates are? This problem isn't just a Town problem, this is a Nationwide problem. Whether a person turns to heroin because they were addicted to pain pills or they just started using it by experimenting, shouldn't matter. The point is that opioid addiction is the strongest mental and physical addiction there is. Once someone becomes a hostage to opiates, it is a long haul to recovery., however, many do not make it. Recovery is not just detox, it is a long process of lifestyle changes, which requires enormous support and commitment. Unfortunately, the stigma and shame keeps addicts and their loved ones in silence. Those who are directly affected by addiction, suffer a tremendous sense of depression and despair. As a community we must come together for the greater good. If you think this epidemic is not affecting you, think again. Our criminal justice system is taxed with addicts shoplifting, burglarizing homes and cars. Our jails are becoming overwhelmed with repeat offenders who are stealing to pay for the drugs. Our health insurance costs are increasing. Our mental health system is not able to handle this, especially since the de-institutionalization movement in the early 90's. And in almost all cases the family unit is not able to handle the incredible pain and strife that comes along with addiction. The 2017 walk was in memory of two young adults who lost their fight; Kevin C. Brown- Sept. 4th, 2016 and Jessica R Gullery - March 20th, 2017. May their families be the voiced of their loved one, so they can help others. A special thank you to Lee Burns, DCH Toyota, EmStar Ambulance, the DC Sheriff's Office and to all of those who help me continue this fight.
As if Saturday was not eventful enough, I attended the Mid-Hudson Islamic Association evening service. They had asked me to come speak about my vision for religious tolerance and strengthening diverse communities. I was able to break a fast with them and enjoy wonderful conversation with the members of the congregation. When I spoke about my formation of the Wappingers Interfaith Network and all of the outreach efforts we have done, members of the community came to me to tell me of what they could do to help those less fortunate in our community. Being there with them was wonderful and I can attest to the fact that our community is truly blessed to have  so many different religions and cultures. For me, it is the best education you can offer another person. To be a part of something and experience how others live is an incredible opportunity. I thank the Mid-Hudson Islamic Association for their hospitality and hope that they realize how much stronger our Town is because of our diversity!
Supervisor's Open House is on June 13th at the Town Hall from 12 noon until 2 pm, I will be available to meet with residents and business partners to hear your concerns and share ideas. This is my way to reach out to the community in an informal way and help address the needs of the community. 
KNOW YOUR WATER: As of May 31, all public water systems need to post their annual supply statement. This statement consists of test results of water samples, which is pertinent to our public water supply. These results are measured against the limits set forth by the State Health department. You can view the Town of Wappinger water supply's information  on the Town's website. If you don't have access to a computer or would like a hard copy, please call my office at 297-2744 and I will have one delivered to your home. I am happy to report all of our water supplies are in compliance. We are required to provide all the results and levels of contaminates even if they are far below the limits.  I urge you to review this document, as quality water is very important.
Dial A Ride: A friendly reminder to all of our seniors (60 years and older), veterans and people with disabilities, the Town offers Dial A Ride as a service to help ensure transportation to doctors, senior centers and appointments you may have. They offer door to door service as well as scheduled service. It is best that you call them for details on schedules and making reservations at: (845) 453-7433 or visit the link on our webpage or at:  
Notary Pool: I have a pool of residents who are willing to travel to a resident's home if they meet one of the following requirements: Senior Citizen, disabled, or a disabled Veteran. If you are in need of someone to notarize something for you and you meet one of the requirements, kindly call my office at 297-2744. If you are a resident who is willing to be in a pool so that you can help out a resident, please call my office and let us know. Thank you in advance! 

~ Supervisor Jiava



Board Meeting Dates
The Town Board meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:30 PM.

The Planning Board meets bi-weekly on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00 PM.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM.
Note: All meetings of the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are held at the Town Hall located at 20 Middlebush Road in Wappingers Falls and are open to the public.






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