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 Metered Parking Waiver


Metered parking waivers are available to certain severely disabled drivers.  The waiver allows the holder to park in a metered parking space without putting payment into the meter.  The waiver will only be issued to people whose severe disability makes it extremely difficult to put payment into a parking meter. 


This waiver applies for all metered parking spaces in New York State. 


Metered parking waivers to not take the place of a handicapped parking permit.



  • The waiver holder must be driving the vehicle

  • The waiver holder must not be accompanied by a person who is able to put payment into a meter

  • The waiver holder must observe any time limits associated with metered parking spaces



  • Must be a NY State resident

  • Must be a resident of the city, town or village where you are applying for the waiver

  • Must hold a valid, unexpired, New York State Driver’s License

  • Must have a permanent, severe disability as defined in Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 404-a

  • Must have a severe disability that limits one or more of the following:

    • Fine motor control in both hands

    • Ability to reach or access a parking meter due to use of a wheelchair or other ambulatory device

    • Ability to reach a height of 42 inches from the ground due to lack of finger, hand, or upper extremity strength or mobility


Applying for a Metered Parking Waiver

  • Obtain an “Application for a Metered Parking Waiver for Persons with Severe Disabilities” from the Town Clerk’s Office or by clicking here

  • Fill out the “Information about Person with Disability” section

  • Have your doctor fill out the Medical Certification

  • Bring your completed application, along with your proof of identity and proof of residency to the Town Clerk’s Office


Please visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ website for more information.