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May 25, 2016 - The Stormwater Management Program 2015 Annual Report for March 10, 2015 - March 9 2016 is now available.

May 18, 2016 - Residents of the United Wappinger Water District west of Spook Hill Road, including the Oakwood Knolls Subdivision in the Town of Wappinger, are being advised to limit water use.  CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. will be flushing hydrants between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. beginning Tuesday, May 31, 2016 through Friday, June 17, 2016.  During the flushing, residents may experience erratic water pressure and turbid water conditions.  This condition will only be temporary.  AT ALL TIMES THE WATER WILL MEET SATISFACTORY SANITARY QUALITY.  The flushing will bring about long-term improvements in water quality.  If you have any questions, please call CAMO Pollution Control, Inc. at (845) 463-7310.

News and Updates from Supervisor Lori Jiava


Please be advised that Town Hall will be open on Monday and operating on our regular schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience on Friday, May 20th but we had encoutered a malfunction within our exhaust system which filled the building with smoke. The Town would like to thank the Hughsonville and New Hamburg fire departments, they were outstanding. Also, special thanks to the State Police and the Village of Wappingers Police Department who responded to the call and assisted us during the issue.
Our next Town Board meeting is May 23rd. The meeting will start at 7:30pm and will be held in the Town Board Room.
Open House: Tuesday, June 7th at Town Hall. Once again, I want to remind everyone that I will be making myself available to the residents: From 12noon until 2pm and then again from 6pm until 8pm. I encourage all to come in and see our Town Hall and bring your ideas, questions and concerns. I look forward to meeting with you so that we can continue to build a cohesive community. 
Shed the Meds: As I mentioned in the previous update, Senator Sue Serino and her staff will be at Town Hall on June 9th from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. This is a critical service being offered at our Town Hall. So many times people are left with old prescriptions without a safe method for disposal. This service helps keep the community environmentally safe as well as minimizes the risk of others accidentally gaining access to these prescriptions. 
Memorial Day Service - Schlauthaus Park: May 30th @ 2pm. This is a good time for the community to come together to be a part of honoring the men and women that lost their lives while selflessly protecting our freedoms. I hope that you will join our Town that day as we have prepared an agenda that will honor those and their families. Thank you to Assemblyman Kieran Lalor for being our keynote speaker. 
Dial A Ride: A friendly reminder to all of our seniors (60 years and older), veterans and people with disabilities, the Town offers Dial A Ride as a service to help ensure transportation to doctors, senior centers and appointments you may have. They offer door to door service as well as scheduled service. It is best that you call them for details on schedules and making reservations at: (845) 453-7433 or visit the link on our webpage or at:  
Notary Pool: I am looking for anyone interested in putting their name in a notary pool. As mentioned in previous updates, the Town would like to add a free service to any residents who are over the age of 65, as well as any one who is disabled. The pool would stay within the Supervisor's and Clerk's office. If someone who meets the criteria calls for this service, we would then call from the pool and arrange an appointment. We have had residents and employees call to volunteer already and we are very grateful. I am hoping to get this service posted to our website shortly. 

FEMA Information: an overview of the time line for residents who have been effected:  There is a 90 days appeals period, which is underway. The 90 days falls in mid June. At the end of June, the Town Board will hold its public hearing. Once that is done. the Board can formally adopt and accept the revised maps and distribute the new maps to the residents. This map, coupled with the letters from FEMA will be what the residents need to submit to their insurance company. My intention is to have FEMA hold another joint meeting with the residents in late June- early July. This should alleviate any undue frustration.



Board Meeting Dates
The Town Board meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:30 PM.

The Planning Board meets bi-weekly on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00 PM.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 PM.
Note: All meetings of the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are held at the Town Hall located at 20 Middlebush Road in Wappingers Falls and are open to the public.






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Please click the following link to view the year's budget: Final 2016 Budget.

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