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Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park

Purchased by the Town of Wappinger in 1999, Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park is a 99-acre gem in the Hudson River Valley. With picturesque views of the mighty river and at the farthest vantage, the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains, Carnwath Farms was a well hidden secret. Then, the Town officially dedicated Carnwath Farms June 28, 2003 as a home for the arts, history, culture, and leisure for its residents. Carnwath Farms was notably placed on the map in May of 2005. Senator Hillary Clinton dedicated the Frances Reese Cultural Center and the Center’s first resident, the Sports Museum of Dutchess County.

Carnwath is home to its 1850 pre-restoration mansion, Carnwath Manor; 1873 Carriage House, 1870 Ice House, 1927 Cottage (future home of Town of Wappinger Museum & Visitor Center), Frances Reese Cultural Center, Carnwath Chapel, a gazebo, gardens, and hiking trails. Events that have been held at the site are a magical Victorian Holiday Celebration in December of 2003, Fundraising Gala in May 2005, Town Easter Egg Hunt in 2008, WinterFest 2011 & 2012, Race Car Shows, Carnwath Family Fun Day, and numerous lectures and programs also hosted by the Sports Museum of Dutchess County and the Friends of Carnwath. Carnwath Farms has become an integral site for Recreation in the Town of Wappinger. The park is currently open to the public for tours, a gift shop, walking, hiking, and picnicing. Pack some goodies or a bottle of wine and visit one of the Hudson Valley’s best kept secrets. For more information visit