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Reese Park - Nature Trails & Programs

Reese Park was donated to the Town on Wappinger in the 1960’s as a natural park where the public could enjoy native plants, and animals in their natural habitats. Reese Park is the cornerstone of the Wappinger Greenway Trail. Located at the confluence of Hunter Brook and the Wappinger Creek Estuary, Reese Park consists of 30 acres of woodlands, fields, and streams. It is a prime observatory for many species of woodpeckers, native herbs, and New York’s native trees. Reese Park is also home to a small pond teeming with life. Aquatic insects, frogs, fish, turtles, and even duck and the great blue heron can be observed while visiting Reese Park.

Reese Park is located adjacent to the boat launch for the Wappinger Creek Estuary. This launch is ideal for canoes, and kayaks. The launch is also enjoyed by catch and release fishermen who frequent the Wappinger Creek.

During the 2008 calendar year, trips to Reese Park are planned for the Summer Playground Program. Reese is also often visited by various classes from the Wappingers Central School District for field trips and hands on authentic learning experiences.

Events and outings are also periodically offered for adults and families. Some outings have included nature hikes, guided historical walks, and story-telling events.

For more information, please contact: Scott Cheney 297-4752.

Please note: Parks hours are from dawn to dusk.